Paged LabTech with the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2023

On Friday 20 October, representatives of Paged LabTech received the prestigious Polish Intelligent Development Award 2023. Paged was thus recognised for its smart growth projects. This is an important distinction for the organisation, which confirms its innovation and drive to be a technological leader in the production of specialised plywood and handcrafted bentwood wooden furniture, as well as following the principles of sustainable business.

 On 20 October 2023 in Uniejów, during the 8th Awards Gala, the Intelligent Development Forum Foundation awarded Paged LabTech with the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2023. Paged received the award in the Innovative Future Technologies category for the implementation of the project entitled ‘Low carbon plywood for use in furniture’ and is honoured for its positive approach to disseminating the results of its innovative projects to date to society at large.

The award at the gala was received by Ewelina Depczyńska, CEO of Paged LabTech, and Radosław Krawcewicz, Research and Development Specialist at Paged LabTech.

– This is an important distinction for us. We are grateful for the recognition of our work, as we pay particular attention to innovation and sustainability. The plywood we produce is researched at the new Paged LabTech Research and Development Centre, opened a few months ago. The precision research carried out in the laboratory significantly influences the development of the materials we produce. These, in turn, being improved more and more, meet the requirements, fitting into the strategy of sustainable development and climate goals, and this is an extremely important aspect for us – says Ewelina Depczyńska, CEO of Paged LabTech.

Award for innovation and smart growth

The overarching mission of the Polish Smart Growth Award, which has been presented since 2016, is to promote the innovation. Its aim is to discover and recognise work that has an impact on the future of society in its various fields. The award is given to organisations with innovative projects, developmental investments and cutting-edge activities that result in technological and social innovations that translate into smart growth. The award is an image award. It relates to the organisation’s approach to development and the promotion of its activities beyond its own industry to increase the chances of development of its businesses.

Plywood with innovative DNA

The use of wood in research and development, aiming for solutions for a wide range of industries, offers a significant environmental impact advantage right from the start, for example in the form of a reduced carbon footprint. Paged specialises, for example, in the production of eco-friendly and biodegradable plywood, such as Paged GreenPly based on plant-based bonding. The use of this innovative technology eliminates emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Paged DryGuard and MouldGuard plywoods are most commonly used in the construction industry due to their hydrophobic coating and high durability, especially to weather conditions. Composite plywoods, such as Paged Phon, which has a special rubber layer, and Paged Door with an additional layer of aluminium, enable, among other things, sound dampening (Paged Phon) and increased fire safety (Paged Door).

Paged has also implemented plywoods such as Paged Elkon, with high electrical insulation and mechanical properties; Paged Laser, a plywood designed for laser processing, where each layer is of the highest grade; and Paged Frame, with parallel construction and bending strength.

Paged is the only Polish company to have its own research and development centre, Paged LabTech, which allows it to introduce so many innovations and specialised solutions to global markets.

Media contact:
Magdalena Kicińska
Communications Manager at Paged Wood
+48 725 520 874


About Paged:

Founded over 90 years ago, Paged is now one of the five largest plywood manufacturers and the third largest producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. It employs over 2,000 people and has a total of seven production facilities in Poland and Estonia. It offers innovative solutions and products that are used in a wide range of industries such as interior design and furnishings, construction, transport and packaging in nearly eighty markets worldwide.

Since 2019, Paged has been developing and implementing technological and product innovations based on the unique competences of its own research and development centre, Paged LabTech. The companies owned by Paged: Paged Pisz, Paged Morąg, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd. are part of the Thumos Group, a private, industrial and investment consortium.