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Founded over 90 years ago, Paged is one of the five largest plywood manufacturers in Europe and significant producer of bentwood chairs. With 1,700+ employees and five production facilities in Poland and Estonia, Paged provides innovative solutions for nearly sixty markets worldwide.

Our mission is to reinvent wood, drawing inspiration from the unique synergy of nature and technology. We are dedicated to providing our customers with sustainable, advanced wood solutions that support environmental responsibility.

Join us at IWF 2024

We are excited to invite you to join us at the upcoming International Woodworking Fair, which will be held from August 6th to August 9th, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA. As a leading plywood manufacturer, we are thrilled to be participating in this event, and we are looking forward to showcasing our latest solutions and innovations.

Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, including interior design, construction, transportation, and packaging.

As a recognised supplier to our partners, we operate in various market segments and develop products according to customer specifications and requirements. As part of this process, our products undergo rigorous testing, accreditation and approval processes around the world.


Transform your spaces with Paged’s premium plywood products, designed for exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainable craftsmanship, perfect for all your interior needs. Our plywood is perfect for various interior uses, including construction, interior cladding, furniture making, and decorative paneling.

Our offerings include Paged Master Form, Paged Twin Form, Paged Form, and Paged Ultra Form. These high-quality plywood panels, made from responsibly sourced wood in European Baltic Sea Area, excel in various construction applications such as formwork, horizontal and vertical formworks, frame formwork systems, concret prefabrications, paving slabs and stones.

Our solutions ensure enhanced safety, superior durability, and sustainability, making them ideal for use in vans, trucks, buses, trams, and other transport vehicles. By choosing Paged plywood, you benefit from improved moisture resistance, exceptional mechanical strength, and excellent anti-slip performance, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your vehicles.

Our commitment to innovation and significant investments in research and development ensure that we provide advanced solutions for a variety of industries. Our eco-friendly Paged GreenPly stands out with its plant-based formaldehyde-free adhesive, ideal for enhancing indoor air quality in construction and furniture applications. Our flame retardant plywood range offers unparalleled safety and performance for construction, transportation, and public buildings.

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Paged & Sustainability

Paged is committed to sustainability, demonstrated by its EcoVadis ESG audit where Paged scored 63 points and received a silver badge, placing it in the top 17% globally. The audit covers occupational safety, environmental protection, business ethics, and sustainable purchasing. Paged reduces CO2 emissions with a closed biomass cycle, an internal waste management system, and recycling. The company supports educational initiatives like the Climate Education Centre and participates in community projects.

These efforts, along with Paged’s innovative plywood products, help clients achieve their climate goals, reflecting Paged’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and continuous improvement.


Paged LabTech, founded in 2019, is a multi-million investment and the R&D hub for Paged Group, driving innovation in wood-based materials. It develops new products, enhances the product portfolio, and provides comprehensive certification. The team of experts in wood technology, chemistry, materials science, and engineering works on various projects.

Innovations include Paged GreenPly (biodegradable plywood with minimal formaldehyde), Paged DryGuard (hydrophobic coating), and Paged StringPly (ultra-thin, strong plywood). Paged LabTech is expanding its flame- retardant FR plywood range.