Paged Pisz in top 17% of industry after EcoVadis audit

Paged Pisz has once again received a recognition after EcoVadis’ external ESG audit, scoring 63 points and a silver badge for its assessment of activities carried out under corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The audit was conducted in four areas: occupational safety, environmental protection, business ethics and sustainable purchasing.

This is the second EcoVadis audit for Paged Pisz, which is making progress and moving up in the ranking of companies subjected to verification. It is worth mentioning that this audit is conducted globally, hence the ranking result achieved by the Polish brand deserves to be honoured.

 We continually strive to meet sustainability criteria, as this is an extremely important area for us. We are committed to achieving ever better scores, which are further confirmation of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and process improvement at Paged. In the current audit, we scored six points higher than last year. I believe that in the following years this score will be even higher, propotional with our efforts in the ESG area – says Bartosz Budnicki, Member of the Management Board of Paged responsible for the sales and marketing area.


The activities of the Paged brand in terms of sustainable development have a wide scope. Particularly noteworthy are activities in the area of environmental impact, such as the establishment of an energy cluster with the municipality of Morąg or the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions. Paged reduces CO2 emissions through, among other things, a closed cycle of using its own biomass and an internal waste management system and its segregation. The company limits the amount of waste produced and recycles it. Waste generated in the production of finished products is then used by particleboards’ manufacturers.

Paged is also involved in educational activities. In September, with the company’s support, A Turning Point – Climate Education Centre was openeed. It builds awareness of circular economy among young people. The company also renewed its cooperation with the School of Forms, SWPS and supported an initiative to produce children’s furniture for orphanages and an educational centre during this year’s DREMA Fair.

Paged also supports the local community by involving employees in many initiatives, including volunteering and caring for the plant environment. Cleaning up forests, cooking together for the Food Bank, organising a Children’s Day for the people of Pisz are just some of the company’s initiatives. Read more about these activities here: .

EcoVadis is an international ESG and CSR rating organisation that assesses the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts of companies around the world. It awards non-financial sustainability ratings. The audit it carries out covers 100 questions under 21 criteria and in 4 key areas: ethics, environment, labour and human rights, and sustainable purchasing policies. The audited company fills in a scorecard (scoring range from 0 to 100) and, based on the answers, its strengths and weaknesses are examined and taken into account in the final rating. To ensure objective scoring, a wide range of information is used for verification, including external sources (documents from customers, certificates received or news and observation letters).

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About Paged:

Founded over 90 years ago, Paged is now one of the five largest plywood manufacturers and the third largest producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. It employs over 2,000 people and has a total of seven production facilities in Poland and Estonia. It offers innovative solutions and products that are used in a wide range of industries such as interior design and furnishings, construction, transport and packaging in nearly eighty markets worldwide.

Since 2019, Paged has been developing and implementing technological and product innovations based on the unique competences of its own research and development centre, Paged LabTech. The companies owned by Paged: Paged Pisz, Paged Morąg, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd. are part of the Thumos Group, a private, industrial and investment consortium.