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Paged - a globally renown plywood manufacturer

For over ninety years, Paged has been offering a wide range of products and services to its customers in Europe. Our product portfolio includes raw hardwood and conifer plywood, coated and film-faced plywood, fire-rated plywood as well as specialty plywood such as ELKON®.

As a business we strive to deliver the industry’s best solutions and products to our partners. As a result, our products create value in a range of applications, from construction sites to heavy duty road transportation, specialty packaging and furniture industries as well as shipbuilding and interior design.

Our mission is to deliver on our quality promise for all plywood, composite boards and innovative, tailor-made solutions developed by our technology and R&D teams. We take pride in the eighty years of our history and make sure that we continue to invest in our employees and production processes in order to remain the most advanced plywood manufacturer in Poland. Our products help our Customers gain business efficiencies or to create more value for the end users. We stand behind the quality of our products and progress continuously in our efforts to limit our environmental footprint for the benefit of today’s and future generations.

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We continue to add new products and features to our existing products. As we want to propel our innovation efforts we established a new R&D department in 2019 – a daughter company under the name of Paged LabTech.