Frequently Asked Questions

What are standard thicknesses of plywood?

Nominal thicknesses of our plywood are from 4 mm to 45 mm. Some types of plywood can be up to 50 mm of thickness. In case of untypical orders, we invite you to CONTACT US.

What are standard sizes of plywood?

The most common plywood sizes are 1220×2440, 1250×2500/3000, 1500×2500/3000, 1500×3300, 1530×2230 mm. Other sizes, including enlarged sizes with joints, available on request. You find more information and useful calculations HERE.

What certificates do you have?

All certificates you find HERE.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We realize orders in wholesale quantities (a few cubic metres). Retail quantities available HERE.

What species of wood are used to produce plywood?

Our products are made of birch, alder, beech, aspen and pine.

What are the classes in classification by surface appearance?

We produce plywood in classes I, II, III, IV. You find more information with photos in Catalogs of surface appearance classification HERE.