New energy cluster for the region’s energy development: the Pisz municipality and Paged Group companies have signed a cooperation agreement

On Thursday, March 14, at the initiative of the Mayor of Pisz, Paged Energy and Paged Morąg, a conference dedicated to the upcoming changes in ESG policy reporting was held. The conference was attended by local industry representatives and authorities of local government units. During the meeting, the creation of an energy cluster was announced, aimed at promoting green energy and cooperation between local businesses and the Pisz authorities.

The energy cluster, established in cooperation with the Pisz authorities and companies Paged Energy, Paged Morąg, Paged LabTech, and Paged Energy Warehouses, aims to provide green energy to local entrepreneurs. This initiative will not only contribute to achieving zero-emission goals but also allow for the reduction of electricity costs for cluster participants. In turn, this will enhance the competitiveness of companies and the development of local business. The details of the project were presented by Mr. Piotr Kosmęda, the CEO of Paged Energy:

„Energy clusters are an innovative solution for the energy sector that integrates various participants, such as producers, consumers, and energy distributors, providing mutual benefits. Within energy clusters, one can expect improvements in energy security, cost reduction, and support for sustainable development and ESG policy. Additionally, starting from July 2024, new forms of support for registered energy clusters will come into effect, which is why we warmly encourage all local entrepreneurs to actively benefit from the future outcomes of this initiative”.


This is the second energy cluster created on the initiative of Paged Group companies in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The first was established with the Morąg municipality, where Paged has its largest plywood manufacturing plant, in the autumn of last year.

During the conference, the new European Union requirements regarding ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) policy, which will come into effect next year, were also discussed. The new directive envisages significant changes in reporting data concerning carbon footprint, strategies for CO2 emission prevention, and the pursuit of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

At the conference, Mr. Wojciech Dreżewski, a board member of Paged Energy, conducted a presentation dedicated to environmental transformation issues. He emphasized the importance of on-site installations and energy clusters for optimizing energy consumption and increasing production efficiency.

„In the transformation process, meticulous inventory, carefully developed strategy, and transparent reporting are key to achieving environmental, social, and business objectives, while simultaneously reflecting the values of a modern company,” said Dreżewski.


The conference dedicated to ESG was a manifestation of the long-standing, fruitful cooperation between Paged and the Pisz municipality, which – as emphasized by the CEO of Paged Pisz, Mr. Jarosław Michniuk – continually contributes to mutual development and the achievement of common goals.

“I believe that the cooperation model we have adopted within the cluster is the foundation of important changes and will allow us to shape a future that will be an inspiration for the next generations. I would like to thank Mr.Andrzej Szymborski, the Mayor of Pisz, for his assistance and commitment to this initiative and for understanding the challenges we face,” concludes Jarosław Michniuk, CEO of Paged Morąg”.


The conference in Pisz was an important step toward the sustainable development of the region and emphasized the commitment of local authorities and businesses to achieving goals related to environmental protection.

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