Paged presents StringPly – newly launched ultra-thin modeling plywood manufactured in Poland

Paged Morąg is proud to announce the launch of a new, extremely thin type of modeling plywood. StringPly is a breakthrough material with unparalleled flexibility, suppleness and lightness, offering unlimited creative possibilities in many fields – arts, crafts, interior design or modeling.

Innovative production technology

The smallest available thickness of StringPly, the ultra-lightweight plywood produced and launched by Paged is just 1.5 mm. Until now, the company has produced plywood from 4 mm and up. Thanks to the innovative sourcing of the veneer and the entire production process, StringPly is extremely flexible and amenable to modeling. This exceptional thinness was achieved thanks to high precision in the process of sourcing the wood layers and the unique technology of gluing with a specialized waterproof film. Thus, the company Paged Morąg becomes one of two suppliers of plywood of this type on the European market and, at the same time, the only Polish manufacturer of plywood with such a unique specification.

Paged StringPly

Unique properties

Each of the three layers of StringPly’s thinnest thickness is only 0.55 mm thick (three times less than standard), and the glue-saturated film connecting the individual layers ensures their integrity and durability. The Paged Group’s Research and Development Center – Paged LabTech – is responsible for the innovative production technology. StringPly is available in 4 thicknesses: 1.5 mm (3 layers), 2 mm (4 layers), 2.5 mm (5 layers) and 3 mm (6 layers), and two standard formats: 1270 x 1270 mm and 1250 x 1250 mm. Low weight and at the same time strength, dimensional stability and ease of mechanical and surface processing in the processes of painting, varnishing, staining or veneering are just some of the advantages of this aesthetic plywood. StringPly offers, as standard, high quality of all layers and high surface quality class I/II (EN 635-2). The product is low-emission and can be used to produce toys that are safe for children, as it meets the requirements of EN 71-3.

Versatile application

StringPly plywood will find application in many fields, including model making and creation of architectural models, arts, crafts, printing, production of musical instruments, furniture, furniture accessories and lamps, and trim. The easy processing of plywood is made possible by its laser cutting capabilities and the application of any finish – painting, varnishing, staining or veneering. With its smooth and almost flawless wood veneer surface, plywood is ideal for decorative purposes, requiring no additional processing.

Quality and ecology

The new plywood is produced to Paged’s highest environmental and quality standards – the wood for its manufacture comes only from FSC-certified sources, and the gluing method is based on film – paper saturated with glue, rather than liquid glue itself, translating into greater product durability. StringPly, as a flexible and lightweight material, opens the door to new possibilities in design and creation. With these unique features, designers and creators can express their creativity in unlimited ways.

Mateusz Sasin, Head of the Research and Development Lab at Paged LabTech, summarizes the most important elements that influenced the success of the work on the new product as follows: Paged LabTech’s Research and Development Center and the state-of-the-art infrastructure within it allowed for the efficient execution of work in raw material testing, prototyping, design and optimization of the production process, and as a result, the development of the ultra-thin and highly aesthetic Paged StringPly plywood. The advanced equipment, combined with the competence of the Paged LabTech team, makes it possible to shorten the implementation time of new products. I am extremely pleased to see my team’s participation in expanding Paged Plywood’s product portfolio with specialized products that meet the highest requirements of the wood-based panel industry.

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