Paged Frame

plywood bed slats

Paged Frame - Specifications

High quality and durability hardwood, softwood or beech plywoodof special, parallelgrainedconstruction.Hardwood construction reinforced with two layers of perpendicular veneer in centre.Softwood construction in parallelthroughout its profile. Thanks to their special design all Paged Frame productversions provide for a higher mechanical and flexural strengthwhen benchmarkedagainst standard Plywoodconstruction.Paged Framelaidacross a bed frame prevent the mattress from sagging or shifting. Paged Framealso helps withweight distribution throughout a mattress and keep the sleeper laying on top of a firmer mattress instead of sinking or sagging into a mattress.

Paged Frame – Key benefits

  • Key application areas include bed framing and furniture making
  • Uniform structure and face veneer quality
  • High flexural strength
  • Wide availability of formats and widths
  • Reinforced construction
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood in Poland

Paged Frame – Machining

  • Edge machining, CNC machining and drilling on request

Standard sizes - Paged Frame

Standard sizes [mm] 2500/2200/2000×80-40

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