Innovation in design: students at the Warsaw University of Technology are the first to use the thinnest plywood on the Polish market from Paged

Morąg, 20.05.2024 Morąg, 20.05.2024r. – Paged Morąg, a Polish leader in the production of a wide range of plywood, has started a collaboration with the Warsaw University of Technology. As part of a semester-long project, students from the Faculty of Architecture are tasked with designing unique lamps using Paged StringPly – the recently launched ultra-thin and flexible modelling plywood. The collaboration gives the young architects the space to experiment creatively, but also encourages them to explore innovative design solutions.


A new dimension in design with ultra-thin plywood

At just 1.5mm thick, the new StringPly plywood from Paged is the thinnest modelling plywood available on the Polish market. Thanks to the innovative wood flake extraction process and modern production methods, StringPly is extremely flexible and amenable to modelling. Its low weight and at the same time strength, dimensional stability and ease of mechanical and surface processing in the processes of painting, varnishing, staining or veneering, make StringPly a versatile material for use in many areas, including: modelling and architectural model making, art, crafts, printing, the manufacture of musical instruments, furniture and furniture accessories, as well as finishing elements.


StringPly in the projects of Warsaw University of Technology students

Paged Morąg made StringPly plywood available to students as part of a semester-long project from March to June at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. Even before starting their design work, the students visited one of Paged’s plywood factories in Pisz and the Paged Group’s Research and Development Centre – Paged LabTech, where they learned about the plywood production process and its unique properties. The visit gave them a better understanding of the material they were to work with.

It was no coincidence that lamps became the theme of the project, as the smoothness of plywood, its ease of modelling, but above all – its unique ability to transmit light – make it a perfect material for the production of lighting. As part of the project, the young artists have complete freedom to create their works, whether they create floor, ceiling or wall lamps. The project is supervised by Radosław Achramowicz, a well-known lighting designer and architect, co-author of the “inflatable” Puff Buff lamps, who works in Ewa Kuryłowicz’s studio, and Jakub Szczęsny, a renowned designer cooperating with Paged. The project will conclude in June with an exhibition at the Warsaw University of Technology, and the first samples of the young architects’ work are already available in the photos.


Business for education

Founded almost 100 years ago, Paged is now one of the five largest plywood manufacturers and a significant producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. Marek Janke, member of Paged Morąg’s management board, responsible for sales and marketing, emphasises the importance of supporting young talent and educating them about the use of wood materials:

– As a well-established company in the global wood processing market, we have been striving for years to support our domestic design and promote it internationally. Supporting the business in the education of young creators and creating the right conditions for their development is important in the process of educating young leaders. Personally, I am glad that thanks to the properties of StringPly plywood, students have the opportunity to explore creative ideas and realise their visions. Business and education must work together so that together we can create valuable and inspiring solutions for our customers.

About Paged:

Founded over 90 years ago, Paged is now one of the five largest plywood manufacturers and a significant producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. It employs over 2,000 people and has a total of five production facilities in Poland and Estonia. It offers innovative solutions and products that are used in a wide range of industries such as interior design and furnishings, construction, transport and packaging in nearly eighty markets worldwide. As of 2019, Paged develops and implements technological and product innovations based on the unique competences of its own research and development centre Paged LabTech.

The Paged companies Paged Pisz, Paged Morąg, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd. are part of the Thumos Group, a private, Polish industrial and investment consortium.

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