About people and for people, or how we create an engaging organisational culture at Paged

Paged has been known in the local market for many years. We care that people feel good here and want to work for us – that is why we try to build an engaging working environment. Non-wage benefits well-known to the market, such as group insurance, medical packages, language courses, sports activities, cultural and entertainment attractions or support for employees in difficult life situations have been implemented for a long time. However, since the beginning of the year, we have focused on changing the organisational culture, developing initiatives for employees and creating a community within the company based on our values.

The way forward through dialogue

At the beginning of the year, the Management Board of Paged Pisz Sp. z o.o. set up a project team to ensure that the company provides employees with opportunities to spend time together in an interesting way, so that everyone can find something for themselves. We propose a variety of activities to consciously build the organisational culture, nurture and communicate its assumptions. The project is one of the Company’s strategic projects. At the beginning of the journey, we asked the staff what they cared about most, what they would like to change, improve. We conducted a survey, the results of which we are working on by proposing various activities and solutions for the employees. We are extremely pleased to see that, in addition to the project team, more and more people are coming up with their own proposals. The sense of influence, the conviction that the ideas that emerge in employees’ heads are later realised and reflected in reality, is crucial for the personal motivation and commitment of team members.

Physical activity, ecology and small pleasures

An extremely important aspect of building company culture for us is spending free time together. Our employees have been able to take part in, among other things, a bicycle trip, canoeing and shooting competitions. We hold football training sessions and a football tournament. We are improving working conditions on an ongoing basis. We have installed snack vending machines and provide free drinks and soups for staff in the hall. Every month, prizes are also drawn for those who have not taken sick leave, and employees over 40 have kept the opportunity for free preventive examinations. We also take care of environmentally friendly commuting. We have built a bicycle shelter, and we will draw prizes from among employees who commute by bicycle. The company promotes a positive atmosphere by organising a day of good deeds and introducing “kudos” – cards with kind words and tokens of appreciation for other employees. The kudos card is a simple tool to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace – a token of appreciation, a token of gratitude to a chosen person, which we give to each other while adding an apple and promoting healthy eating.

Get to know and like your workplace!

Paged actively cares for the education and development of its employees by organising a series of educational excursions to learn more about the production process and to see the workplace from a broader perspective. Participants visit all stages of the product creation process, including the Raw Wood Warehouse and the Finished Goods Warehouse. Tours are also organised to the newly opened Paged LabTech Research and Development Centre, our unique global investment in technological innovation using wood as a natural raw material. We also take care of new employees – in addition to standard occupational health and safety training, we conduct introductory training where we discuss our core values and rules of the company. In addition, new employees receive manuals, watch implementation videos and, during the mentoring process in the production area, experienced employees provide assistance.

Values that guide our work

All the actions we implement are based on our company values. Our company is guided by five values: passion, openness and courage, efficiency, attentiveness and cooperation.  Referring to these, we organised the ‘Man of the Year’ competition, in which employees nominate colleagues who best represent the company’s values. The competition was met with great interest and the five winners were rewarded with a trip to a SPA. All of the company’s activities are aimed at building a strong corporate culture in which both employees and the company as a whole thrive.

We have a lot of positive energy, ideas, willingness to act and promote our workplace, we know that we still have a lot to do, but we try to make Paged a friendly and attractive employer. We have already been recognised by Forbes magazine by awarding us a distinction in the Poland’s Best Employers competition, but we do not stop, we change and improve further. I wholeheartedly believe that such wide-ranging activities for employees will bring a result that will surpass our most ambitious expectations. – summarises Joanna Miller, BP Group HR Manager and Leader of the Organisational Culture Transformation Project.