New sustainable headquarters of Paged LabTech: Ultra-modern R&D Centre in Pisz is opened!

On 14 June 2023, the new premises of the Paged LabTech Research and Development Centre in Pisz were officially opened. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which enables the company to carry out tests on wood, composites and wood-based panels for customers of Paged companies and to carry out complete product certification. This is an important step for the company in its efforts to further develop innovative products that boost its competitive advantage on the market.

Paged LabTech’s new headquarters is located at 1 Kwiatowa Street in Pisz and is one of the most modern laboratories of its kind in the world. The building was constructed from wood and plywood, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainable and low carbon footprint solutions.

– As a natural material, wood not only does not emit CO2, but also helps to reduce CO2 emissions over the life cycle of a building, explains Ewelina Depczyńska, PhD in wood technology, CEO of Paged LabTech.


A solid foundation for innovation

The investment in Paged LabTech’s new premises was made thanks to funding from Paged and the European Development Fund with the support of Polish Ministry of Development and Technology. This state-of-the-art research space enables the company to engage even more deeply with new technologies and innovations and to expand the range of solutions offered by Paged, based on continous research.

– Paged LabTech’s new headquarters enhances our ability to introduce to the Polish and international markets a growing range of solutions that meet our sustainability strategy and climate goals. Thanks to the installations. semi-technical centre will allow us to accelerate the process of new product development and shorten the time from product concept to implementation. – says Jarosław Michniuk, CEO of Paged Group. – Our team is made up of experts with strong skill set in wood technology, chemistry, material science and engineering. With this team we are able to intensify our research on wood-based materials and system solutions, adjusting to the requirements of the dynamically changing market, adds Michniuk.


Paged LabTech Research and Development Centre expands the scope of prototyping and testing, furthers our technological or economic analyses, and enables Paged to bring new technologies to the market faster.

Projects for the present and the future

Paged LabTech responds to market needs by carrying out various research projects. Currently, the company is conducting research projects funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) in cooperation with renowned research centres such as the Warsaw University of Technology, the Gdansk University of Technology, the Institute of Wood Technology and the Poznań University of Life Sciences. These projects cover areas such as low-emission plywood for furniture-making, innovative beech wood frame furniture with high resistance to external factors, and the development of innovative composite materials for use in road transport.

 Direction of growth

Paged is a company that was founded 90 years ago and is now one of the largest European manufacturers of plywood and wooden chairs in Europe. Its extremely wide and innovative range of products, available in more than 80 markets around the world, is aimed at industries such as construction, transport, packaging, design and interior design. The multitude of solutions Paged offers is linked to its diversity and focus on continuous development. This is made possible precisely thanks to the Paged LabTech Research and Development Centre, which was established in 2019 to focus and develop work in the area of research and development, and today its new and improved premises will mark another milestone in the company’s development.


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About Paged:

Founded over 90 years ago, Paged is now one of the five largest plywood manufacturers and the third largest producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. It employs over 2,000 people and has a total of seven production facilities in Poland and Estonia. It offers innovative solutions and products that are used in a wide range of industries such as interior design and furnishings, construction, transport and packaging in nearly eighty markets worldwide.

As of 2019, Paged develops and implements technological and product innovations based on the unique competences of its own research and development centre Paged LabTech.

The Paged companies Paged Pisz, Paged Morąg, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd. are part of the Thumos Group, a private, Polish industrial and investment consortium.