Increased production capacity. What plywood will be available sooner?

The increased production capacity was achieved in the WS2 plant in Morąg manufacturing plywood made of thick veneer softwood panel. It was possible to accomplish through investments and technological improvements supported by Paged LabTech, which will bring reduced lead time for customers.

An order will be performed even within 2 weeks. It applies to such product as:

  • Paged DryGuard
  • Paged MouldGuard
  • Paged T&GPly
  • Paged Form Plus
  • Paged Softwood ThickPly FR
ThickPly Baltic Pine plywood, surface treated with water-based coating to provide for water repellence

Paged DryGuard

Main application areas include: construction, housing, campervan and mobile homes production, etc.

Paged DryGuard plywood
Ready to use, thickply, softwood plywood resistant to the effect of weather and microorganisms.

Paged MouldGuard

Main application areas include: construction, wall and roof sheathing, housing, campervan and mobile homes production, flooring and sub-flooring, packaging.


Thickply softwood tongue and groove joint plywood.

Paged T&GPly

Main application areas include: wall and roof sheathing, interior cladding, flooring and sub-flooring, packaging, semi-trailers.


Softwood plywood double overlaid: with kraft paper and phenolic film

Paged Form Plus

Main application areas include: formwork, pre-fabricated concrete elements, paving slabs and stones, transportation and packaging.

Paged Form Plus
Fire retardant thickply softwood plywood

Paged Softwood ThickPly FR

Main application areas include: construction, interior cladding, wall sheeting and panelling.