Have you worked with Paged Twin Form? Plywood for loose shuttering and concrete prefabrication

Construction sites remain buoyant during pandemic

Construction output was one of the sectors least impacted by pandemic lockdowns and growing infection rates. Generally, despite fluctuations in output and occasional on-site downtimes, there were multiple contracts that required continued effort and resources, including plywood. When it comes to any construction project, the need for reliable products and partners is critical – that’s why Paged Twin Form with its durability, low weight and high moisture resistance comes in play.

Do you know Paged Twin Form?

The offer for filmed plywood for shuttering and formwork is quite wide. When looked at from the perspective of key purchasing criteria, such as price, weight to strength ratio and durability, on-site construction managers should keep a closer eye on Paged Twin Form.

Paged Twin Form is a hardwood-softwood plywood overlayed with phenolic film. It’s core is made of thickply pine veneers of 2,6mm, whereas the outer layers are made of 1,5mm thick birch veneers.

Paged Twin form is characterized by high moisture resistance, which help maintain dimensional stability throughout the panel. Paged Twin Form is also balanced between its total weight, strength to weight ratio and bending resistance – all thanks to its hardwood-softwood construction. We can use this panel multiple times, 10 to 15 times depending on use and maintenance of panels.

More about Paged Twin Form applications

Main application areas include:

  • shuttering systems production
  • concrete formwork
  • concrete prefabrication
  • boat-building (bulkheads)
  • transportation flooring
  • packaging manufacturing

Download our technical specification and Declaration of Performance: 


Did you know?

Paged Twin Form Is also available as fire-retardant product, Bfl-s1 standard. Learn more.