Paged innovations at BAU 2023 in Munich

Paged innovations at BAU 2023 in Munich

Paged is Poland’s largest plywood manufacturer and Europe’s fifth largest supplier of this engineered wood material., Paged will be demonstrating its extensive portfolio of technologically advanced products this week at BAU trade fair.

BAU, held this year from 17-22 April in Munich, is one of the world’s largest construction industry events and will feature more than two thousand exhibitors from 45 countries.

Paged plywood has been widely used in the building sector for years. Thanks to the firm’s investment in the advanced manufacturing technology, they are used successfully in the construction of walls and floors, as roof sheeting material and in formwork system. At the same time some of Paged’s more innovative products such as fire retardant plywood or plywood made with biodegradable plant-based resins, increase a building safety and increase indoor air quality.

 – Our attendance at BAU Trade Fair, provides us with the possibility to demonstrate the numerous benefits of our plywood. When Paged plywood is used in wall and floor structures, we offer T&G finishing services, which enhance easy on-site assembly. – says Bartosz Budnicki, member of the management board of Paged Wood companies, who is responsible for sales and marketing. Moreover, our Paged DryGuard plywood, which does not soak up water and is used widely on the Scandinavian or UK markets, protects roof cladding effectively against the development of mildew and fungi. This leads to savings on the construction project as a whole.– explains.

Paged is also a large supplier of Plywood to formwork system manufacturers. It has a wide range of product lines from Paged Form to Paged Twin Form and Paged Master Form to Paged Ultra Form for special purposes, used by the world’s formwork system producers – Paged’s global partners. A system composed of Paged Ultra Form plywood, can be used multiple times – up to 100 use cycles, which also has a cost and flow benefit with construction projects.

 – Safety and ecology are among the directions of the efforts of Paged Lab Tech, the Paged Wood Group’s R&D Centre. As a result of their studies and work, Paged has launched Paged GreenPly plywood, in the production of which plant-based resin is used, allowing a further reduction of carbon emission from as well as the emission of VOCs – highlights Jarosław Michniuk, CEO of the Paged Wood Group Companies. One of the main market sectors that use our plywood are producers of kids’ furniture and toys . In addition, with our flame-retardant plywood, we fulfil the demanding Bs1,d0 norm, which increases the security of the building and, most of all, the people using it in the event of fire. – adds.

In the video clip below, we demonstrate a flame retardancy performance comparison of the plywood over time including a structure built with Paged Softwood ThickPly FR (fire retardant) Plywood:

Come and visit us at the Paged stand No. 519, Hall B5 in the Munich International Convention Centre from 17 to 22 April.


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About Paged:

Founded more than 90 years ago, Paged is currently among the five largest plywood producers and the third biggest manufacturer of wood chair in the EU. It has over 2,000 employees and has a total of seven production facilities in Poland and Estonia. It provides innovation and products that find applications in a wide range of industry areas, such as interior design and fit-out, building, transportation and the packaging business in almost 80 global markets. As of 2019, Paged is developing and deploying technology and products innovation on the basis of the uniquely competent in-house research and technology development centre Paged LabTech.

The Paged member firms are Paged Pisz, Paged Morąg, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd. all part of the Thumos Group, a private, Polish manufacturing and industrial consortium.