Paged plywood and post-production waste in School of Form projects

Paged plywood and post-production waste in School of Form projects

We had a great pleasure to host a student project group from School of Form (SWPS in Warsaw). We could see results of 2 projects: from the work with Paged plywood and post-production waste. Students prepared an exhibition in Paged office in Pisz.

In the first part of the meeting Paged employees, who are responsible for sales, production and customer service on a daily basis, had an opportunity to see variable products: acoustic panels and seedlings pots formed from wood chips, tables made of roughing rollers as well as kindling, aroma diffusers, foot massagers and other. One of the aims of the project was forming new products from waste taking into account circular product life cycle and minimum impact of the environment . Students were to dispose or even upcycle waste and at the same time to ensure that new products will not cause harm to the environment.

The second part of the exhibition was a demonstration of many models of chairs made in CNC technology from Paged plywood. Second year students showcased more than 20 stool prototypes and explained their design briefs.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the project, especially Dawid Korzeniewski, studio manager in the Department of Design. Students successfully exposed the potential, functionality and beauty of the materials considered as a waste and impressive plywood design. Who knows… they could also figured out new business ideas.

Pictures: Marcel Zamroch