Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour can be used for the production of toys and furniture for children

Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour plywoods meet EN 71-3

Our birch plywoods compliance tests with EN 71-3 have been successfully completed. Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour can be used for the production of toys and furniture for children. This news is likely to please all our customers who manufacture toys and furniture but also shall reach parents who care about the safety of their children when choosing products that meet the highest quality requirements in terms of materials used.

What is EN 71-3 about?

EN 71-3 defines the requirements and specifies test methods for the migration of heavy metals and toxic elements such as arsenic, chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury, selenium and others. Any product designed and intended for play by children up to 14 years of age should comply with EN 71-3 Toy Safety — Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements. The requirements apply to the material itself, but also to varnishes, oils, paints and other coatings. The exception is toys and parts of toys, the use of which excludes the possibility of sucking, licking, swallowing or prolonged contact with a child’s skin.

Accreditation granted

The Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment – Komag in Gliwice has completed the conformity tests of Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour plywoods produced by our company.

Paged BirchPly

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Paged Colour

Children’s furniture also adhere to the standard

EN 1130:2020-04 is a conformity standard titled Furniture for children — Cots — Safety requirements and test methods (which replaced EN 1130-1:2001 and EN 1130-2:2001). It contains a reference to EN 71-3 norm, which means that the material intended for the production of baby cots or cradles should also be checked for migration of certain elements. Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour plywoods should therefore be of interest to furniture manufacturers for infants and children.

What else is worth considering when choosing the right substrate for toys and furniture for children?

In the wood-based panels industry, there is always a question about formaldehyde emissions. In this respect, Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour plywoods meet the requirements for indoor wood-based panels (Class E1). These plywoods, like many other Paged products, also falls within even stricter limits: implemented on the German market – the so called ½ E1, on the US market – CARB/EPA TSCA VI. Paged BirchPly and Paged Colour also comply with the regulations on volatile compounds emissions (VOC). It meets the requirements for the highest classes substrates: A+ (in French regulations), AgBB (in German regulations) and M1 (in Finnish regulations).