Paged BirchPly FR

fire retardant hardwood plywood for flooring applications

Paged BirchPly FR - Specifications

for flooring applications:

Fire retardant hardwood plywood available raw with surface impregnation or filmed with highdensity phenolic film. It is characterized by high mechanical resistance and load strength and boasts highest fire classification for wood and wood-based panels used in construction and railway industries. Paged BirchPly FRfl plywood is manufactured to highest standards in order to suit its use as a structural component according to CE1 and CE2+ systems (floors) and it meets the highest level of fire classification, i.e. HL3 in R10 class.

for floors and walls:

Fire retardant hardwood plywood with special veneer construction, fire proofed with an innovative immersion method which provides for the highest fire rating for wood based panels in construction and rolling stock industries. BirchPly FR is used as a construction element in accordance with CE1 (walls and ceilings) as well as HL3 in R1 class for rolling stock manufacturing.

Paged BirchPly FR – Key benefits

  • Main application areas include: construction industry (e.g. schools, hotels, etc., rolling stock manufacturing, bus manufacturing, etc. 
  • Surface treated 
  • Wide range of thicknesses 
  • Highest fire classification for wood products
  • Made in the EU from sustainably sourced wood

Paged BirchPly FR – Machining

  • Edge machining, CNC machining and drilling on request