Paged BeechPly FR

fire retardant hardwood plywood

Paged BeechPly FR - Specifications

For rolling stock industry :

Soundproof composite board made of beech plywood and a special 3mm-thick rubber insulating layer. This layer located symmetrically in the center of the board is made of special rubber, which suppresses vibrations and reduces the sound intensity level caused by thermal expansion of metals or rolling friction. Wherever proper sound insulation is needed when it comes to various construction uses in buses and trains, Paged BeechPly Phon FR comes in hand. This product is available in raw or film-faced version. It meets the highest level of fire classification – HL3 in class R10.

For construction:

Beech Plywood panel of highest rigidity, uniform face veneer structure, surface protected with high class fire retardant. Paged BeechPly FR is widely used in transportation and construction industries as it is recognized for it durability and sheer strength when used as a flooring panel. This product is manufactured as a bearing construction element in line with CE1 requirements.

Paged BeechPly FR – Key benefits

  • Main application areas include construction and interior designof wooden and hybrid buildings
  • Surface treated
  • Strong and rigid
  • Waterproof bonding
  • Easy to machine and fasten
  • HL3 fire classification
  • Highest rate of fire classification for wooden products
  • Made in the EU from sustainably sourced wood

Paged BeechPly FR – Machining

  • Edge machining, CNC machining and drilling on request.

Standard sizes - Paged BeechPly FR

Standard sizes [mm] 1250×1500/2500 1500×3000

Download product specification sheet for rolling stock industry

Download product specification sheet for construction

Download declaration of performance for construction

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